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First and foremost, McCarthy Group is a business development company.  We pride ourselves on being industry experts, with a strong understanding of technical processes, and hands on experience at multiple levels within the markets we serve. Based in Michigan and Mexico, our team provides marketing and sales support, technical insight, and innovative solutions. We work with our partners because we believe they are the best in their fields. 

Our technical expertise, deep understanding of our industry and customers, and our partners around the globe help us deliver high-class, technical products. We continually adapt and evolve to stay ahead of the game, but the one thing we won't change is our commitment to excellence.

Our Approach

As industry pioneers, we understand our customers and their processes intimately. We also have the technical ingenuity to support them. 

We can create custom solutions, from design through functional product, without compromising your vision and cost requirements. McCarthy Group works with our partners to provide support all the way from the concept phase, through product development, and ultimately to production with consistent value added efforts.

McCarthy Group is a cross-functional unit that gathers and analyzes real, on-the-ground intelligence, and strategically implements plans to best serve both our customers and our partners. 


In 1980, our founders saw an opportunity to provide sales and customer service for textile manufacturers within the automotive industry. Since then, McCarthy Group has leveraged that experience to create value in our target industries. Our work in design, supply chain, account management, customer service, warehousing, and logistics support, for decades in the automotive industry gives our customers in every industry options and satisfaction. 

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Our sales team is directly involved throughout the entire process of getting materials from our partners to our customers. They are intimately familiar with the steps necessary to provide every customer with the optimal product for each of their specific needs. 

Their knowledge and industry experience are unparalleled and provide a smooth purchasing process for our customers. 

Customer Service

The sole goal of our Customer Service and Sales Support team is to provide excellent service in every aspect of what we do. We work to deliver a seamless pathway from order entry to satisfied customers. Our team can help identify potential problems and work to solve them before they effect customers. 

Warehousing and Distribution

Our warehouses in Grand Rapids, Michigan and Mexico City serve as hubs for customer orders. Products from our international partners are brought to our sites for redistribution to individual customers. Our on-site distribution teams coordinates with customers, scheduling deliveries and pick ups to best meet production demands. We work directly to ensure top-notch communication throughout the entire process, making it as efficient, simple, and smooth as possible. 

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