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AJ Nonwovens

Versitile needlepunched nonwoven fabrics produced with recycled materials in the US.

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Lightweight, breathable nonwoven materials used across markets worldwide.

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Industry leading technical textiles known for quality, flexibility, and customization.

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Thermoformers specializing in customized packaging, agricultural, and furniture products.


McCarthy Group has exclusively partnered with AJ Nonwovens (formerly Foss Performance Materials) for more than 40 years to serve our customers in the automotive industry. Foss Performance Materials is a notable authority and leader in the production of nonwoven needlepunched fabrics and fibers. Their products are made from recycled materials and are environmentally sustainable. Depending on the application, needlepunched nonwovens can be engineered for chemical and microbial resistance, water repellency, UV protection, or sound absorption. They are also moldable, and can be used for applications that incorporate acoustics as well as aesthetics. 

AJ Nonwovens' needlepunched nonwovens are cost efficient, green, durable, and extensively customizable.

If your automotive application requires needlepunched nonwoven materials, AJNW is your preferred source. 

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Needlepunched Nonwovens 
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Door panels and trim

Trunk liners and trim

Floor carpet

Molded components

Dampening materials


Hood liner facings

Automotive Applications
AJ Nonwovens and McCarthy Group Teams cutting the ribbon for the opening of the Waco, TX facility in 2023.

AJ Nonwovens and McCarty Group Teams cutting the ribbon at the opening of the Waco facility in 2023. 

Logo for Murtra Nonwovens
Hydroentangled and Chemically-Bonded Scrim

Scrim is a lightweight textile solution in the global medical, consumer, and industrial markets.  It traps noise effectively while being affordable. We've exclusively partnered with Mutra Nonwovens, whose flame-resistant technology is revolutionary. Mutra Nonwovens is also a leader in acoustical AFR scrims. The state-of-the-art fabric traps noise and prevents the transfer of heat and sound, while improving customer comfort and safety. 

Innovation has been a driving factor for Murtra Nonwovens since the company was founded in 1892, and has helped secure its place in the global textile market. 

The benefits of this textile solution aren't limited to the automotive industry. Breathability, strength, and tear resistance make scrim the perfect choice for medical and industrial applications. If your project requires value-add operation such as water repellant or a specific adhesive, this engineered nonwoven is your custom fit solution. 

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Automotive Applications

Thermal insulation

Acoustical insulation


Door liners


Dash insulators

Foam liners

Mold release

Parts encapsulation 

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For custom automotive, furniture, and other interior and exterior specialty applications where color, texture, and design matters, SPAC synthetic leather brings a soft touch with bold hues. Let us introduce you to advanced soft-trim solutions that are lighter, more functional, highly creative, and affordable. These materials were designed for luxury vehicles but can be utilized in numerous markets. SPAC is a leader in lamination of technical textiles, and offers a trendy palette of colors and textures as well as an array of different build ups that come together to tell your story. Swank, understated, iconic, and edgy, SPAC materials have a variety of uses. 

Synthetic Leather and Technical Textiles
Automotive Applications

Door panels

Interior Trim

Instrument panels


Steering wheels


Steering Wheel photo 2.jpg
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Rooted Fabrication is proud to offer customizable solutions to your product needs. The thermoforming company is flexible, versatile, and fast. With an in-house design and engineering team we can take your product from idea to finished product, all while making sure to remain environmentally friendly throughout the process.

Rooted offers innovative solutions to all of your thermoforming needs. 

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